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Environmentally-friendly Cremation Services

There is a growing awareness today about the adverse effects of human activities. An example of activity detrimental to the environment is funeral services. This company does practices that are not harmful to the environment, using innovation and technology. They want to help their customers in developing a consciousness for environment preservation.

Funeral practices that are carbon-neutral are what this company prides itself in. The cremation process they employ does not use paper at all, only recycled materials. Without compromising their green practices, they respect what the customers want for the funeral services. All funeral services are equal regardless of one’s race, religion, or sexual identification, matters the company understands.

The company offers the following cremation services, by flame and water.

The chemical bonds that are responsible for keeping together the body’s proteins are broken down with some heat, alkali solution, and water in water cremation. In this way, the process of decomposition in earthen burials are replicated. The body is rid of the peptides, amino acids, salts, and sugars as it undergoes water cremation. In the same way as flame-based cremation, DNA cannot be found that makes the body unidentifiable. The skeleton are then crushed and given back to the family.

Aquamation is another term used for water cremation. It is the method that is most friendly to the environment. It outperforms flame-based cremation and traditional burial in advantages given to the environment. There is a big disparity in the amount of energy utilized in this method.

Harmful toxins released into the atmosphere are lesser with water cremation. If there are medical implants in the body, they are removed after the cremation to prevent harmful substance from being released. White flame creation produces carbon dioxide and a lot of it is released for each procedure. Airborne toxins are not present with water cremation. Water consumption is low for this cremation process. Water cremation only needs some three days supply of water for an average person. The process does not need flame so it is safer for the operator.

There are already more people opting the water cremation because of its advantages.
Customers who find water cremation unsettling can still opt for the flame cremation. Flame cremation in this company has been made environmentally-friendly. The cremation process is designed to emit lesser carbon footprint than the usual. An energy-efficient crematorium is utilized for the whole process. Cremation is done after all non-biodegradable substance are taken away from the body. This ensures that no harmful chemicals are released into the atmosphere in the process of burning.

You can view here for more information about the services offered by the company.

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